Company News

Memorabilia of ZBF BEARING CO.,LTD.

1. The company formed and developed on the basis of Zhuzhou Bearing General Factory which founded in 1970.


2. In 1980,the Factory pioneered the development and production of low-noise sealed ball bearings and participated in the preparation of low-noise sealed bearing industry technical standards,its products matched with the Beijing Electric Motor Factory and Dalian Electric Motor Factory.


3. In1985,deep groove ball bearings 6203 Z1 won National Silver Medal.


4. In1986,invested RMB10 million and completed the first phase of sealed bearing technology advancing projects,making the products own featured advantages.


5. In 1988,its electric motor bearings were supplied to Hengshui Electric Motors Co.,Ltd.etc.


6. In1989,invested RMB40 million to implement low-noise sealed bearing technology advancing projects,and imported continuous heat treatment furnace production lines and 4 sets of automatic cold rolling and forming machines from Japan,making its technology and equipment reach the leading level in China.


7. In 1989,deep groove ball bearings 6204-2RS Z1,6206-2RSZ1,6206-ZZ Z1 won the title of High Quality Products in Hunan Province.


8. In 1990,promoted to second-class enterprise.Products 6203-2RS Z1 and 6203 Z1 won the title of the Ministry High-Quality Products.


9. In 1993,awarded the rights to IMP&EXP on its own.


10. In 1994,implemented the autombile and motorcycle bearing technical innovation,and began to match with automobiles & motorcycles.Automotive bearings entered into European markets,while electric motor bearings were applied by Wolong Electric Motor Group and Mindong Electric Group.


11. In 1997,the conpany obtained Certificate of ISO9001:2000.


12. In 1998,product 6203-ZZ CM matched with Japanese Matsushita Seiko Group and obtained subsequently Certificate of Exemption from Quality Inspection.


13. In 2000,Zhuzhou Bearing General Factory transformed into ZBF BEARING CO.,LTD.,ZBF's products matched with Fujian Able Electric Motor Group,Fujian Kaijieli Group,Guangdong Dongguan Electric Motor Co.,Ltd.


14. In 2001,the small and medium sized low-noise ball bearings of PEARL brand and ZBF brand won the title of Product Quality Award in Hunan Province.


15. In 2002,ZBF cooperated with Japanese companies and develiped successfully the elevator bearings which were supplied to Toshiba Elevator and Hitachi Elevator.


16. In 2004,identified as High-Tech Enterprises in Hunan Province,while automotive bearings matched with Geely automobiles.


17. In June,2005,China Yaohua Electric Group acquired holdings of ZBF BEARING CO.,LTD.


18. In 2006,Yaohua Group ranked 102nd in the national top 500 private enterprises.


19. In 2008,Yaohua Group's trademark CNYH was awarded the title of "China's Celebrated Trademark".