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The advantages and disadvantages of deep groove ball bearing

Compared with a sliding bearing, deep groove ball bearing advantages:

1, most of the rolling bearing can be both radial and axial load, so the bearing combination has simple structure;

2, the radial clearance is relatively small, the centripetal angular contact bearing preload available available pretightening force to eliminate the clearance, operation and high precision;

3, the general condition of rolling efficiency and hydrodynamic bearing lubricated bearings, but lower than the mixed lubrication bearings should be high;

4, for the same size of the shaft diameter, bearing width smaller than the sliding bearing, the axial structure of the machine is compact;

5, high degree of standardization, mass production, less consumption of lubricant, which is convenient for sealing, easy maintenance and don't need useful nonferrous metal of low cost.

Two, compared with the sliding bearing,the disadvantages of deep groove ball bearings are:

1, vibration and noise are larger;

2, radial size is larger than sliding bearing;

3, bear the impact load capacity is poor;

4, high speed and heavy load bearing life is low.